I Only Read It For The Articles

We’re till recovering from the grueling schedule of filming the pilot episode of the webcast, and the terrible news that Playboy will be moving away from nudity in their magazine.  In light of this shocking revelation, we were left contemplating a million questions, like “What will dads hide under their beds now?”, and “How will we make fun of people who actually read Playboy now?”, and most importantly “Does this mean internet porn has so much sway it can kill a long staple of American culture and the coming of age for young boys everywhere?”  The conclusion we came to… none of us read Playboy anyway, so it really is just a solid place to mine for jokes.

We had more than a few technical difficulties with the first webisode of The 13th Hour this week, but we’re working out the kinks, and plan on recording another test episode this upcoming week.  If all goes well, be ready for prime time the week after, and be prepped for the moving of the Podcast to later in the evening, we’re considering some time around 10-11pm to compensate for the more R-rated tone, and moving the webcast into a 5pm-7pm slot on Fridays.  Let us know what you think by messaging us on Facebook, or dropping a comment on here.

Until next week, peace.

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