Update: Since recording this, the clerk in Kentucky has been sent to jail for contempt of court.  If we had known that at the time, we could have thought up some more politically incorrect jokes about her sex life, and opposition to gay marriage.  Beings we didn’t have that information at the time, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

While we make no attempt to hide that our whole program is based on politically incorrect humor, and feel you should be able to make fun of anything, the issues we tackled in this week’s episode are serious.  We live in a world where people hide behind rhetoric, and outright lies to frame issues to suit themselves, and this has extended into every aspect of our lives.  First, it was politicians learning that their careers are one big advertisement, and that they didn’t make their money from actually doing a good job, so much as learning how to market.

The latest in this rash of ditching the truth in favor of using marketing techniques comes in the form of the opposition to gay marriage, and the supposed “War on Religion” that accompanies it.  This, as it should be obvious, is simply an attempt to rephrase reality to suit ourselves.  This week, we were treated to the story of a multiple time divorcee that cheated on one husband, then left the second for her original partner in crime, and ditched him for yet a fourth, giving lectures on what is and is not right in the “eyes of God”.  We’ll save you the obvious point that she, like most of those claiming religion is under attack, only follows small parts of the portion of the Bible she is quoting, and completely ignores the ones that don’t agree with her, painting a view of God that is conveniently in line with her own opinion, rather than the original source material.  Instead, we’ll just focus on the idea that we’re expected to believe a person preventing two people from getting married because they aren’t following her beliefs in doing so is somehow an attack on her, rather than a conflict she chose to force on the couple, which was against the law, and involved requiring her county follow her religious beliefs.  It would be like the McDonald’s employee telling you they won’t give you a burger because they’re on a diet.

Apart from that, this week has brought us adults picking on Transgender High-School kids, Donald Trump getting angry that he has to know presidential things for his candidacy interviews, and cops being executed at gas pumps.  In all that, it can be hard to find the humor, but we stood up to that challenge, and took care of the job for you.  So, as you consume yet another week of our offbeat humor, and making light of things that are simply tragic (Donald Trump’s political career, Homophobia, and Nickleback), remember, they’re all just jokes (at least those three are).  If, however, you find that we haven’t offended you yet, feel free to comment so we can work on getting to it.

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