What the Hell is a White Bronco?

Zakk makes his triumphant return this week, and brings the latest slang term to hit the studio with him, so make sure to listen if you want to be up to date on the latest slang terms.  Spoiler Alert: It involves reproductive fluids.

We watched the latest episode of the Muppets over the week, and decided you needed to hear all the jokes that have the Million Moms up in arms.  Our personal favorite, is an offhanded comment made by Fozzie the Bear himself that references a very particular subculture of the gay community.  This may not be a Muppet Show aimed at children, but it’s certainly one we can get behind, at least when we’re drunk.

We also have a giveaway this week that involves you having to like our Facebook, and send a text message (respectfully) to one of our staff members.  So make sure you listen before your friends, or you might miss out!

until next week, we love you, and good night.

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