The Eye Of The Tiger

As the continued onslaught of politics presses ever forward in the world known as the United States, we really get to see how much we’ll let ourselves become playthings to that machine, and just how much our politicians are willing to whore themselves out.  We’ve been greeted by a smiling Kim Davis walking out of the Jailhouse like some messianic figure, harkening back to the release of Nelson Mandela if he wanted to deny government services to only select citizens.  The irony here, as she let her lawyer essentially refuse to answer the only real question of whether she would become a repeat offender after her scared straight weekend trip, is of course that Kim Davis would be more at home back the Apartheid than being the triumphant figure standing against it… but whatever.

The real story here, is the choice of music to back this political stunt care of Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee (who apparently are desperate for poll numbers against Donald Trump’s hair).  We speak, of course, about Eye of the Tiger.  For most, this song evoke feelings of triumph and sacrifice to get into shape for a Rocky movie, rather than feelings of how gay people shouldn’t be able to sign love contracts, but not to Kim.  For Kim, this was a day of coming out to find her only accommodation request had been fulfilled, and like a Kardashian to a camera, she realized her 5 minutes of fame would be up if she didn’t make it last, so she was intentionally coy about the ordeal, and left us with the cliffhanger of whether the multiple time divorcee would continue her fight to preserve the sanctity of the institution she so wholeheartedly accepts, as to take the plunge repeatedly, despite what the rest of that book she quotes says.

Beings the Kim thing has stretched us all beyond our limits of patience with humanity, we decided to spend quite a bit of this episode discussing the upcoming football season, with Zakk joyful that his own Kim Davis was able to stand up for what’s right, and avoid his suspension, allowing Zakk’s fantasy football draft to have chance of success.  We all picked our winning teams this week, with Galen the most likely to end up losing terribly, so make sure to send us your suggestions for what the loser should have to endure for so terribly predicting the outcomes of these contests of true manliness.

So, enjoy the podcast, and we will see you again next week, when we hope to actually have video of all this circus up for you.

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