Update: Upcoming Episode

Our new episode gets recorded tomorrow, and we’re testing out taking listener suggestions for the show.  So make sure you not only tune in at 5pm on Friday, but get your suggestions in to the Facebook and Twitter today and tomorrow before 5pm if you want a chance for your suggested topics to be included in the episode.

Drunk Selfies

Tag us in your drunk selfies on Twitter and Facebook, and don’t forget to hashtag #drunkselfies for a chance to see your drunken selfies featured on our social media. 

Go to Hell With Us

While you’re at it, tag us in your statuses and Tweets with the hashtag #ImGoingToHellBecause and share your reasons for damnation. 


We’ve also got some really cool giveaways in the works, so don’t forget to tune in each Friday at 5pm so you don’t miss your opportunity to win some giveaways.  We don’t have any more details on those yet, but it’s free stuff, so quit your bitching.  So follow the links below to keep up with our social media, or don’t complain when your friends get all the cool stuff, and we’ll see you Friday at 5pm.

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