The 13th Hour Episode 3: Sex & The Subway

On this episode, we discuss Jared Fogel, the latest in a long list of celebrities that seem to think they can be disgusting human beings and get away with it, along with the prep school rape trial, wrestling, dicks and masturbation, Florida’s obsession with being a Jerry Springer episode, and Galen’s fluid sexual orientation.  Don’t miss out on our special guest call, beings we tried to call Galen’s co-host, Zakk, but he bitch-buttoned us just because he has a busy travel schedule and shit to do.

We also briefly discuss the Ashley Madison hack, which recently dumped a ton of info on the net.  If you want to find out if your email was one of those on the list click here. Spoiler Alert: Galen’s was on there, but not for the same reason as Josh Duggar’s, maybe we’ll tell that story next time if you tune in.  Don’t worry too much if you’re on the list, apparently they don’t validate your email, so many people used false addresses, or at least that’s what you can tell your wife.

Speaking of Josh Duggar, has anyone noticed that the champions for “good” behavior or “traditional” values always end up being the people doing the thing they fight against most.  Josh Duggar eschewed “traditional” family values in real life, Jared had a charity to help kids while molesting them, and as this handy graph explains, the amount a person attacks gay sex is directly proportional to the probability that person has had a dick in their mouth (that’s math kids, stay in school).



We also discuss women’s rights/role in society while only having one qualified female on the entire panel this time.  Watch us exercise white male privilege while trying to PC, and heavily inebriated (Thesaurus: Drunk).  It’s a good time for all, so give a listen, or be the only one of your friends not having to pretend you didn’t listen, which should save you a trip to hell.  Also, make sure to check back throughout the week for our #ImGoingToHellBecause admissions.  While you’re at it, head over and take the Kinsey Scale Test to see where you fall.

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