The 13th Hour Episode 2: For the Watch

We’ve straightened out most of the sound issues this week, so if you really enjoyed hearing us not speak, you’re gonna hate this episode.  If that’s the case though, you probably need to rethink the life choices that brought you back here for more this week.

We’re discussing everything from Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, to Game of Thrones and Football, with a brief discussion of Fantastic Four, and an interview we forced on one of the documentary film makers who has been filming Zakk for their upcoming documentary No Suit and Tie.  Like all things we do, however, the topics invariably venture off into the penis realm at some point, mostly because we’re still children.

We talked this week about an upcoming Kanye West Greatest Hits album, which you can check out by clicking the picture below.  SPOILER ALERT: It links to a page where you find every track he’s done, because all Kanye songs are Greatest Hits.

Kanye West Greatest Hits

Speaking of Spoiler Alerts

 Jon Snow Dead

You were going to hear it in the episode, so now you can’t be mad when it comes up, because you already knew.

Finally, if you want to see a documentary about Zakk and Justin Timberlake disagreeing about formal attire, check out the Facebook page for No Suit and Tie, which we’ve been assured will be an incredible documentary.

Thanks again for tuning in, and make sure to tell your friends and family to check out new episdoes every Friday at 5pm.

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