Michael Bay vs. Nintendo

We wrapped up a bit shorter than last time, fighting the typical Florida power problems with the latest round of storms.  We powered through though, forcing ourselves to consume alcoholic beverages, and talk about dicks for another week in a row.  We covered everything this week from the shooting in Virginia, to the McWhopper getting shot down before it even had a chance to be born (I don’t hear any republican candidates chiming in on abortion on that one).

Leif made his first stop by the studio this week, and along with him came our first sponsor.  For anyone who hasn’t personally met the Mario brothers, brace yourselves, those guys are dickheads.  We appreciate their money, but I can see why they have to take mushrooms to get through the day now, cause they basically just yell at each other 90% of the time.  No wonder Peach gets “kidnapped” by bowser all the fucking time, fuck dude.  So, back on track, they came by the studio to discuss their commercial spot, and kinda just took over for a bit.

We also touched on the Isis subject for a bit, and came to the conclusion that Isis is just a viral movie production company drumming up publicity.  What’s worse, they’ve recruited Michael Bay to help them out, I mean, think about it, Michael Bay movies are practically terrorism to begin with.  It all starts making sense when you look a Shia’s beard, it’s all leading up to a marvel style reveal of the Transformers 5: The Fight Al-Qaeda (2017).  You heard it here first, Michael Bay is a terrorist working with Al-Qaeda to destroy America, starting with your childhood.

Make sure to head over to our Facebook with any topic suggestions for this next episode, and if we like them enough, maybe we’ll let you come on to talk about them, or maybe not.  You’ll just have to tune in to find out on next week’s exciting new episode (that’s a cliffhanger kids).  So, we’ll see you then.

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